Individual and Group Rates
Individual Rates (include class and certification):
CPR only: $50
First Aid only: $50
Standard Precautions only: $20
CPR and First Aid only: $80
CPR, First Aid, and Standard Precautions: $95

BLS Certification (health professionals): $85​

Group Rates (Groups of 8*-20*)
CPR, First Aid, and Standard Precautions:$700 plus $25/person for certification cards plus $1.00/person for Standard Precaution certificate
CPR and First Aid only: $600 plus $25/person for certification cards

CPR or First Aid: $450 plus $25/person for the certification cards​​
*For smaller groups, it is sometimes less expensive to use individual rates.  The less expensive rates will apply to any group.

**For large groups, we will break out into sessions of 15 people each.

​​(New rates above will be in effect starting January 1, 2021)

Certifications are issued by the American Heart Association.

Certifications are valid for TWO years.​​